"Hey Kris" by Abigayle Rose

Kris Shepherd was a man who knew what mattered, and this beautiful song by one of the thousands of kids that he taught and inspired over the years at Rainbow Youth Theatre Company in Las Vegas is proof. Today we gathered to say good-bye. Abigayle Rose, like her mentor Kris, has given the loving gift of her creativity in a song to say what so many are feeling. As she says on her YouTube post:

"This is a song for a dear teacher of mine. You taught me many things and always knew how to make someone smile. The greatness that you've done in my life and many others will live on in everything little thing we do. I am a grateful to have known you. Thank you, Kris."

Thank you Abigayle Rose for carrying on Kris Shepherd's message so beautifully.

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