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Valley Recommended: The Bad Seed @ Majestic Repertory Theatre

The Bad Seed, Troy Heard and Majestic Repertory Theatre’s second production, The Bad Seed, brings a murder mystery worthy of NBC Dateline’s “Don’t watch alone” luridness to the stage. Part mystery, part thriller—and part winking period piece—the show keeps audiences in suspense and earned a Valley Recommendation.

“The Bad Seed is doing something good,” said Jacob Coakley, executive director of the Valley Theatre Awards. “I’m happy to be scratched off the murder list with this Recommendation.”

The scene is a small Southern town where Colonel and Christine Penmark live with their daughter, Rhoda. Little Rhoda Penmark is the evil queen of the story. On the surface she is sweet, charming, full of old-fashioned graces, loved by her parents, admired by all her elders. But Rhoda's mother has an uneasy feeling about her. When one of Rhoda's schoolmates is mysteriously drowned at a picnic, Mrs. Penmark is alarmed. For the boy who was drowned was the one who had won the penmanship medal that Rhoda felt she deserved …

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