EMAV Review: 'Doubles' shows promise ★★☆☆☆

★★☆☆☆ - Still Hungry

I have to be honest, to do otherwise is to cheat potential patrons as well as the production.

For various reasons the show wasn’t ready to open. The men of the cast needed to have their scripts in their hands for opening night of “Doubles,” now in performances at Theatre in the Valley. Technical glitches with lights and sound still have to be worked out.

It’s a tough business model when you’ve announced months in advance but, when you control your own venue, you can postpone. In the short term it will be a hit in the cash register; in the long run it will pay off with consistently improved fare.

Director Maggie Saunders went with non-traditional casting that works extremely well. And, her actors were more ready than they realize – with few exceptions, they rarely needed the scripts. And there were flashes of what the show will be once they’ve been off-book and can really delve into character and situation.