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Shotspeare @ Cockroach Theatre Co.

Shotspeare takes the world's most beloved playwright, soaks him in beer and flips him on his head. Harkening back to the actual time of Shakespeare where audience members (groundlings) were boisterous and partook in the show, Shotspeare. Shotspeare is an interactive staging of a Shakespearean work infused with a raucous drinking game. Shotspeare Shotspeare, dubbed the, “world’s first Shakespearean drinking game show,” allows the audience to participate in the mayhem that is equal parts bacchanal and classical theater. You may know Shakespeare, but you’ve never experienced him like THIS!

Over 21 only.

7/14-7/29 AT 8PM

Cockroach Theatre Co.

1025 S. First St. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89101


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