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EMAV 10 Bites: Michael Davies, Artist & Stagehand

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

In every neighborhood, there is someone who makes the Arts a part of their life, and our community. You'd be surprised to discover how many different people use the arts to improve the quality of life in our hometown. EAT MORE ART! VEGAS will feature them regularly in our series "10 Bites."

What kinds of art do you enjoy, create, or perform in?

I work with Acrylic, Colored Pencil. Lino Block Prints, Kinetic, Assemblage Sculptures, murals.

Why do you do it?

I am always working on an art project, it is not unusual for me to have several projects going at the same time.

What’s your favorite production/performance experience so far?

The show Mystere has recently put some of my images in the show, I truly enjoy seeing my images on a big screen.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist, or what do you do when you are "at work?"

I have been a stagehand for over 40 years, I have set up entertainment events. At this time I work for Treasure Island for the show Mystere, I started doing lighting, now I'm in charge of atmospherics for the show..

What is an Arts experience that you will never forget or a memorable response to your work?

My sculptures have gotten lots of interest, and especially from people that didn't think they liked art. People have said "I don't normally like art, but I like your sculptures.

What would you be doing if you weren't performing, creating, or enjoying the Arts in Las Vegas?

I would like a working art gallery with local entertainment, dance recitals, always some entertainment or juried shows

Name something you love about Las Vegas, and why.

I love that I have a job that gives me the income to make my art.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

be original

What superpower would you have and why?

I would like to have the ability to fly.

Any future projects or events that you're looking forward to?

I'm thinking about doing a pop up gallery or Art entertainment events with a local celebrities to name a few

Keep up with Michael Davies here

Twitter: @mbdc2

Are you a local artist of any discipline? Do you work with a company as a designer, stagehand or administrative staff? Do you love to experience it as the audience? We'd love to get your 10 Bites to share. Fill out a form here, and you might be featured in a post!

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