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EMAV Review: Kiss My Astral Projection ★★★

The switch is on

By Paul Atreides

*** Satisfying

Closing out Las Vegas Little Theatre’s (LVLT) 44th Fischer Black Box season is the winner of their annual New Works Competition. This year it’s a third win for Tom Misuraca with Kiss My Astral Projection, a comedy exploring the differences between the sexes. Or, more precisely, what it’s like to inhabit the other’s body and Misuraca uses astral projection as the vehicle.

Jerry and Lisa Gemelli (Mickey Roark and Jackie Lakoudis) have been married a while and have hit that point in marriage: The fire seems to be gone, individual interests seem to have shifted, and bickering seems to have taken over. Jerry is now into studying astral physics and wants Lisa to join him. Of course, much to his surprise, Lisa is a fast learner and they take a trip together. Upon returning, they discover their souls have switched bodies.

Lisa is the adventurous one and heads out to explore the possibilities. In Jerry’s body. She goes to a gay bar because, well, she’s straight and wants to hook up with a man. Meanwhile, Jerry heads out, in Lisa’s body, to hunt down his astral arts teacher for help. Lisa (in Jerry’s body) gets hit on by Kevin (Heath Robertson) and the teacher hits on Jerry (in Lisa’s body). Then another man (also Heath Robertson) hits on Jerry (in Lisa’s body).

And this is where believability and some of the fun get lost.