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Help from our heARTS: Resources for coping with Corona Crisis fallout in Las Vegas

We will not wait to recover like we did in 2008. was launched in part to learn from past mistakes. 9/11 and 2007 were different types of traumas, but the end result was the same. The Las Vegas cultural and production industries, primarily consisting of small businesses and independent contractors, are  often overlooked by recovery protections and fractured by economic distress. We began to build a network of partnership and communication to prevent this from happening again. Past tragedies pale in comparison to the Coronavirus Crisis for the Event, Arts, and Tourism industries here in Las Vegas where the economy is concerned. There is nowhere to travel and obtain more work until the situation is under control. But this time is different for another reason. This time we are here to answer the call to communicate and coordinate with your help.

Join our Eat More Art Vegas Corona Response Group to share and receive updated information about Public Announcements, Relief Programs, and Action Items.

We have written a letter on behalf of the community to Governor Sisolak and Mayor Goodman. We received over 5,000 signatures in less than 48 hours from locals who are worried. You can add your name to the list of signatures and request updates as we have them here.

We are working on setting up a Production, Event, and Tourism community meeting with staffers for elected officials. We will let the community know as soon as we have an update. This takes time as everyone is scrambling to cope with a fluid situation.

Find a local company, galleries, or artist who you want to stay in business and contact them to donate, volunteer, or help spread their posts in our DIG IN Directory.

Sign the petition on for a COVID-19 Federal Relief Package specifically for the Events Industry.

In the coming days, we will publish a page on our site specifically for Corona Crisis issues. Please subscribe to our site and watch our space for updates.

For the past 5 years, has been supported by members of the Conference Event Production industry. If you want Eat More Art Vegas to continue, please subscribe to our Patreon so that we can maintain operations as we weather the storm. We do a lot with very little, but we still need the basics to keep our essential work going.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that our #vegasculture community stay connected through our work as we are all feeling the immediate impact on our industry for an unknown duration of time. Thank you. #EatMoreArt

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