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Majestic Repertory Theatre to Host Camp Horrorwood in October

A Brand New Theatre Day Camp For Creepy Kids Ages 8-15! Blood FX! Monster Makeup! Stage Combat! And More!

Just in time for Spooky Season: Camp Horrorwood is a two-week program for young artists ages 8-15. Campers will learn the art of stagecraft unique to live horror theatre. There are ten after-school sessions and two Saturday sessions, culminating in a Sunday matinee performance - more fun than a trip to the Upside Down!

“With the popularity of Stranger Things, the horror genre has once again become a fun playground for young artists,” says Artistic Director Troy Heard. "It’s a safe space to explore common fears - and the top fear on a lot of lists includes standing in front of an audience. Camp Horrorwood will help young artists overcome that fear while learning other creative skills.”

Classes and rehearsals will be led by entertainment professionals from Las Vegas and beyond. Every aspect of an effective horror show is covered, from script writing, production design, special effects, and acting.

Peek behind the spooky curtain and learn the crafts that give the creeps!

Will McMichael has been an avid practitioner of Horror Theatre for over fifteen years. In 2007 he joined San Francisco’s legendary Grand Guignol revival company, The Thrillpeddlers. Over eight years, he worked as the company’s fight captain and fx technician while performing, writing, and directing countless shows. He was a head counselor for their youth program, Creepshow Camp.

Will holds several stage combat certifications through Berkeley Rep. His play, Night Witches (about Soviet women who fought against Nazi invaders), won a Best of The Hollywood Fringe award in 2016. He is a strength coach, Army veteran, and avid horror nerd.

October 3-15

Mon-Fri: 4-7 p.m.

Sat: Noon-5 p.m.

Final Sunday Performance: Noon-3 p.m.

Tuition $500 (discount when registering multiple campers)

Click here to register.


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