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The Paradox of Choice

Founder and Artistic Director Bernard H. Gaddis, in partnership with the city of Las Vegas, is proud to announce the fourth annual spring concert. Contemporary West Dance Theatre (CWDT) offers a world premiere of new works by Bernard H. Gaddis, Norbert de La Cruz and Ray Mercer. Experience an event filled with the raw power of dance, infused with originality and beauty. CWDT offers a world premiere of “The Paradox of Choice” by legendary choreographer Christopher Huggins and “Kaleidoscope” by Gaddis. While bringing back amazing works to music by Stevie Wonder of “Steveland” and an updated, reimagined “Bolero Unleashed” by Bernard H. Gaddis.

Tickets on sale on CWDT’s website at or

May 24 and May 25 | 7:30 p.m.

Charleston Heights Arts Center

800 S. Brush St.

Tickets: $25 and $30


Same-day ticket sales will be available at the box office and will be limited to CASH ONLY sales.

Online ticket sales will remain open throughout the show 


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