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10th Annual Best of the Vegas Fringe

The Las Vegas Little Theatre is thrilled to present the "2019 Vegas Fringe Festival – BEST OF FRINGE” this Friday and Saturday at 8pm in the Fischer Black Box.

It’s a Double bill both nights and just $15 per ticket.

3920 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

With winners The Baritones of Love produced by Kijosa Productions and toño produced by VESIproduction both performing each night, June 21nd and 22rd.

Each night toño will perform….there will be a brief 10 minute intermission while the stage is re-set and then The Baritones of Love will perform.

The Baritones of Love

by Enoch Augustus Scott and Dr. Mark Wherry

In a World where Tenors dominate the vocal landscape, four brave Baritones struggle against that tyranny and fight to claim their own piece of the lyrical pie. With just a tube of greasepaint, a deep resonant tone, and a dream, these men sing and dance their way into your hearts and, if they have any say in it, a show in Branson. Starring some of the Las Vegas Strips’ Best Baritones and featuring six original songs and classic Baritone standards from Frank Sinatra to Josh Grobin, Baritones of Love is the perfect tonic to a world of too many Tenors.


by Jose Anthony

Step into the mind of a man named toño as he experiences a still moment in time and reflects on a series of major events in his life, including child abuse, gangs and murder.

*Parental discretion advised. Due to explicit language may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age.


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